Jun 152011

While advocates proclaim the superior immersive qualities of 3D, the current crop of 3D TVs can actually have the opposite effect on many people by giving the impression of peering into a box filled with tiny – albeit 3D – people.

Design and advertising firm NAU proposes a different solution with its latest concept dubbed the Immersive Cocoon that looks to provide the sense of immersion without the 3D.

We’ve seen a number of devices that attempt to immerse a user in a virtual space using wearable displays, such as the Vuzix’s iWear VR920 video visor and the VirtuSphere, which also offer the option of 3D. NAU’s concept instead does away with the 3D altogether to place users inside a four meter (13 ft) diameter carbon fiber sphere featuring a 360 degree interior dome-display.

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