Jun 252011

We’ve discussed in the past Kirby Ferguson’s excellent project Everything is a Remix, which tries to highlight how creativity is almost always derived from elsewhere.

We wrote about the first two videos, which covered copyright issues, starting with music and then movies. His latest may be the best yet, as it focuses on inventions, in large part by retelling the Apple story, concerning how it built off the work at Xerox PARC (which in turn built off work at SRC and other places). We actually just talked about this story a few weeks ago, and this video definitely adds to that conversation:

The key point, which critics will undoubtedly skip or gloss over, is that he’s not just saying that copying is good. He’s saying that copying is one part of the very important process of innovation. Copying is a component, but the important part is then taking that copy and doing more with it.

At issue is that some people believe that it’s better to do everything from scratch. But that’s incredibly wasteful, inefficient and too often, limiting. Being able to build on the works of others, to transform them and combine them with other good ideas, that’s where innovation comes from. We’ve pointed this out many times before. The iPhone was a wonderful innovation, but almost all of its technologies could be found elsewhere. It’s just that Apple put them together in a brilliant and user-friendly package. The video shows that the same thing was true of the original Macintosh, which took ideas from elsewhere and put them together in a useful manner. And, as you look back through history you find that it’s true of all sorts of revolutionary and transformative advances in progress, such as the Gutenberg printing press or Henry Ford’s Model-T mass production setup:

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