May 042011
Fiber optic

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Calling an internet connection “fast” is a relative statement. In its early days, 56k through your phone line was considered average, even quick. These days, the average internet connection speed hovers around 8Mbps, nearly 150 times the speed of a dial-up connection. But even that speed just isn’t enough for some people, as evidenced by the invention of a new fiber optic technology capable of speeds passing 100 terabits per second (Tbps), which equates to 104,857,600Mbps.

At speeds like that, the new technology is capable of moving 3 months of HD content in a single second. That’s 2,160 hours of HD video in the blink of an eye. The advanced fiber optic technology was actually pioneered by two separate groups simultaneously, both based in Japan. One group narrowly passed the 100 terabit mark at 101Tbps, while the second set of researchers blew it away with a top speed of 109 terabits per second.

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