May 192011
Hydroelectric dam in cross section

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Hydroelectric Inflow Dam System


International PCT Patent Pending No. PCT/SG 2009/000247 & Singapore Patent Pending No.: 2009 05781-1



Hydropower is a proven technology and is also the largest source of renewable green energy accounting for about 20% of all electricity produced globally. Hydro-electric power plants are large and usually involve huge capital investments. They also affect the local ecology once the associated dams are flooded.

Field of Invention

This invention relates to a hydroelectric power generating dam system by channeling hydraulic flow from a water catchment area into a hollow inflow column to generate hydroelectric power.

This invention uses the basic principle of hydro electric production, as found principally in conventional dam constructions using Pelton turbines, Francis turbines and Kaplan turbines.

Smaller Micro hydropower system, which generates less than 100kw will be cost effective to produce renewable energy in the rural areas which are near streams and rivers.

Comparative advantages of the Invention

The existing hydroelectric dam channels water into an intake pipe and converts static hydro energy into hundreds of MW of dynamic hydro energy by rotating the turbine and generators whilst the novelty of the inflow dam column is to channel water into each column and convert the dynamic hydro energy into electric power in the micro capacity of tens of kW.

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