May 072011


The History Channel is searching for everyday inventors!

Are you an amateur inventor who’s come up with a big idea?  Are you looking for an investor who can get your invention to the masses?  A new TV series is on a nationwide search for new products from amateur inventors who are looking for their BIG BREAK!  Calling all inventors…THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Our renowned team of invention investors will come to your home & test your invention.  They will then decide if they want to use their $$$$ to fund your idea and bring it to market.  All types & levels of inventions will be considered, from a homemade prototype to a manufactured product.

You can submit as many inventions as you want.  All it takes is a good idea!!

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  One Response to “History Channel is looking for the next great invention.”

  1. An invention is a secret. for the past eight years i have held the only working prototype of a very low cost spill free disposable coffee cup. All the fast food giants have tried and failed. The big problem is that these fast food giants do not accept unsolicited materials. Other minor problems like patent in a third world country and the cost to do so, is helping to hide very good inventions.

    Kind regards,
    Ray Daggers.

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