May 142011
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On June 15th Google will offer nothing but the web. According to Google, they will release their latest invention known as Chromebooks in seven countries including France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the UK.

Google with the help of their partners, Samsung and Acer, have created a mobile device that will work differently than others because the browser is the only tool necessary to function.

It instantly connects to the browser-based apps and Google cloud so that there is no need for any other programs. According to Google, It boots up in eight seconds and is designed so that it loads apps quicker over time with new updates.

According to Google, Chromebooks comes with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G and connects automatically to the user’s favorite hot spots. The system also includes 100 MB of mobile data from Verizon per month. Chromebooks promises a better working computer with no crashes, viruses, security issues, or obsolete hardware.  The system offers millions of web apps and the ability to control a large amount of Chromebooks through one central computer.

According to Mashable, Chromebooks will be offered to both businesses and schools for package prices. Business users will pay $28 a month. They will also offer a student package that will be $20 a month per unit.

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