Apr 292011

One man who never forgot the images of people jumping out of the twin towers on 9/11 has created a device that he says could be used to escape a skyscraper.

Dr. Kevin Stone, a California orthopedic surgeon, calls his invention the “Rescue Reel.” It hooks to a desk, door or outside of a building and lets the user rappel down the outside.

The user wears a harness and controls the descent with a tool that works like a steering wheel with a hand brake.

“No one is ever going to use this except in a panic, so you needed to figure out how to make it totally user friendly and just let go and be dropped to the ground,” says Stone.

The Rescue Reel, which weighs around 25 pounds, uses Kevlar rope advertised to hold 5,000 pounds.

“It’s heat-resistant, extremely lightweight and extremely strong,” he says.

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