Apr 162011
The immune response

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It has been reported that there is a possibility of making Nasal Vaccines that accurately protect against flu, pneumonia and even bioterrorism agents such as Yersinia pestis.

Dr. Dennis Metzger, from Albany Medical College, explained in a conference how the inclusion of a natural immune chemical with the standard vaccines can boost their protective effect when delivered through the nose.

The respiratory tract is said to be a major entry site for viral and bacterial pathogens with few approved vaccines providing optimal protection against them, due to low immune response at mucosal surfaces such as the nasal passage.

However, the combination of standard vaccines for respiratory pathogens with the immune chemical interleukin-12 using an intranasal application to mice has been shown to induce high levels of protection.

During a test done on Vaccines against various respiratory pathogens, it was discovered that Interleukin-12 was a powerful stimulator of the immune response through its interactions with other immune chemicals and the white blood cells that produce them.


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