Apr 172011

The way 3D technology is developing is certainly worth a mention.

3D Fusion Corp recently declared they have succeeded in making a path breaking invention in the world of 3D technology. They will put up a demonstration with respect to this invention and will be broadcasted this week at the National Association of Broadcasters’ trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Most of the heavy weights and the brainstorming masterminds from the electronics industries consider this event as one foreseeing the technologies about five to ten years in the future. This will be seen this week and will also be analyzed by the Media representatives and N.A.B attendees.

The 3ALITY Digital pavilion, located outside the Central Hall, will witness a demonstration based on a live3D TV video feed from the 3ALITY Digital 3D camera arrays. The footage will of course be based on a live Basketball play on the basketball court constructed just outside the Central Hall at NAB. Now what do you derive from this?

With the advent of 3D TVs and various models many viewers have complained of discomfort while watching 3D content for a long time with their glasses on. Hence the technology of having to watch the 3D content without the use of glasses may be considered as the HoThis will be a live feed given to a 3D TV directly and this will also mark the usage 3D Fusion technology to watch the footage without the aid of 3D glasses.ly Grail in referral to the 3D technology. This also comes with the broadcast quality quite similar to the one on 2D broadcasts. Now how would you complete a 3D technology upgrade? You would need everything starting with all the primary performance requirements ranging from control room engineering to live camera capture and most importantly viewer display.

The following is a comparison made by Steve the President of 3D Fusion between watching 3DFMax 3D TV without your 3D glasses on and with them.

“Though we are targeting the richness of the With Glasses 3D imaging, our 3DFMax images are designed to mimic the way the eye sees. It is a more ‘real’ natural 3D image which can be enjoyed as effortlessly as conventional television without any eyestrain, viewing restrictions or unacceptable side effects. With the 3DFMax 3D TV technology, the viewer can adjust the 3D depth impact to his personal preference, on the fly in real time. He has the same control as he would in correcting color or adjusting volume with his remote control.” “Now for the first time ever,” continued Blumenthal, “a live 3D TV, glasses free, ASD and 3D camera capture system, is presented to the NAB community.”

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  2 Responses to “Glasses Free 3DTV ASD demonstrated by 3DFusion”

  1. great news for those who were really reluctant of buying a 3d tv just because they had to wear the glasses whenever they need to watch a 3d content. thank you for such information. by the way when these products will be available in market?

    • John,

      Our understanding is that this stuff is imminent . . . as usual, they want to keep some drama so we all keep attention. Will post when we hear.

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