Mar 222011

Fuel Efficiency Booster

Check this out from a highly regarded catalog company:

This is the device that improves a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by up to 18%.

An independent automotive testing service showed the unit increased a vehicle’s average fuel efficiency from 23.8 to 28.1 miles per gallon in two weeks. The device plugs into a vehicle’s DC outlet and stabilizes the electrical current flowing to the computer that controls the engine’s fuel injection and ignition systems (ECU), optimizing engine efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. It also mitigates electrical interference from the stereo, lights, or air conditioning to enhance the efficiency of these systems and improve gas mileage. Includes an adapter with two DC outlets that accommodate the fuel efficiency booster and another device.

For use with vehicles that are at least two years old and have 12-volt systems; not for use with hybrid vehicles.

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