Mar 202011
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If you’ve ever owned a recalcitrant retriever, a cat-crazy collie or an overly playful poodle, you’ll know the anxiety of watching them run out of view in search of new adventures, oblivious to your shouts of anguish (and anger). A GPS-enabled collar could be handy for tracking down wayward canines and keep them out of harm’s way … or the clutches of dog-nappers or an over-zealous ranger lurking in the neighborhood. The RoamEO is the latest GPS device for owners who worry about their dogs’ disappearing acts or who are sick of spending valuable time searching for that ‘duck-hunter’ who’s too dog-tired to return with the catch.

While GPS-enabled dog tracking devices aren’t new (Zoombak and Astro) the RoamEO Pup GPS dog collar and handheld LCD display combination is the latest iteration that allows you to see just how far your GPS collar-wearing mutt is from you, as well as the direction they’re traveling and how fast they’re going. It has a maximum range of three miles (approx. 5km), can work indoors and permits tracking of two dogs at once..

Coming soon … PeTnet

Soon to be released is the RoamEO PeTnet which has a couple of additional features, such as being able to track up to three dogs simultaneously and the helpful feature of a virtual fence.

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