Mar 052011


Wouldn’t you love a dollar for every time you heard the phrase “paperless office” being bandied about during the 90s?

Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen, did it? On the contrary – as computer and printer technology continued to evolve and printing emails or web pages became quicker and easier – paper use rapidly increased. These days, the cost of office consumables, particularly toner, ink and copy paper, can be prohibitive. So printer manufacturers are coming up with some very clever ideas to reduce ink and paper costs. We’ve seen portable printers that use zero-ink technology like Dell’s Wasabi printer and the Polaroid portable printer and now there’s PrePeat – an innovative office printer that not only uses no ink or toner, it reuses paper.

The PrePeat uses rewritable plastic sheets made from PET plastic. These sheets can be erased and re-printed about 1000 times per sheet. The heat-sensitive plastic sheets are fed into the printer and a line thermal head either prints a new document in black and white or erases an existing document and reprints another – allowing you to re-use paper again and again.

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