Mar 132011

Tokyo-based Tonchidotlegendary TechCrunch50 finalistand maker of the popular Sekai Camera augmented reality service, has released a new (free) app for iPhone and Android. But DOMO (Japanese for “nice to meet you” or “thank you”) isn’t an update or variation of Sekai Camera but another (ingenious) way to “augment” reality.

DOMO is being offered as a “pre-social” app, which makes use of your interest graph and location to make it easier to connect with people who are similar to you and physically near you (“pre-social”, because these people are initially strangers).

For that, DOMO pulls interests and “likes” from your Facebook account, creates a DOMO profile based on these items, registers your location via GPS and shares your profile with other DOMO users in the vicinity.

When you encounter a person with a similar profile to yours, you can view their profile, write a short message or send over a friendly “Domo” – and you’re connected (logging in with your Facebook account and customizing the info you want to share is enough to use the app).

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