Feb 092011

The disc and roller system used in Torotrak's CVT and IVTs

Most of the efforts to produce more environmentally-friendly cars in recent years have focused on alternative fuels and more efficient engines. UK-based engineering company, Torotrak, has instead decided to turn its expertise to another vehicle component with the development of a new generation transmission that it claims can not only slash CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency, but also boost performance.

Instead of the conventional toothed gears found in traditional transmissions, the company’s Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) and Infinitely Variable Transmissions (IVTs) use innovative steel discs and rollers. When used in place of a conventional gearbox the new transmission offers seamless acceleration from standstill to cruising speed and back again, thereby reducing harmful exhaust gases by eliminating ’emission spikes’ caused by gear changes.

Fuel efficiency is also increased because, even at high speeds, the transmission ensures that the engine operates at low speed and at optimum efficiency, generating around half the normal fuel-burning revs.

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