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Techdirt.com is a fascinating blog that covers the current wars being fought around copyright, intellectual property, patents and other areas that may impede or help the free flow of information and ideas.

Innovation Toronto has been following Mike Masnick and his blog for some time and we feel that a number of the issues being covered are things most of us should know about or would like to know about.

We are thinking that a links list from time to time might help to introduce some of the ideas and topics that Techdirt covers so thoughtfully.

You are encouraged to check out some of these articles – it is the stuff of both dreams and nightmares . . . and even some whimsey 🙂

And Now Europe Feels The Need To Catch Up To China And The US In The Self-Destructive Patent Race

Future Of Music Coalition Looks To Catalog Artist Revenue Streams

DailyDirt: We Think Recommending Links Makes The Internet Better

YouTube Notes That Free Music, With Ads, Pays As Well, If Not Better, Than Paid

Entrepreneurs Who Create Value vs. Entrepreneurs Who Lock Up Value

Brazilian Telecom Authority Claims Sharing WiFi Is A Criminal Offense

Senator Wyden Asks WTF Is Up With Homeland Security Domain Seizures

Ryanair Shrugs Off Discovery That Others Can Edit Your Flight Booking; Says It’s Your Problem

Reverse Engineering Lottery Scratch Tickets For Profit (But Not Fame)

Kuwaiti Blogger Sued After Negative Benihana Review

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