Feb 162011
The amorphous structure of glassy Silica (SiO ...

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Yep, you read it right, spray-on glass.

It could revolutionize the fields of agriculture, medicine, fashion, transportation – really, it would be easier to list where it might not be applicable. The remarkable product, called Liquid Glass, was developed by the German nano-tech firm Nanopool GmbH. Their patented process, known as “SiO2 ultra thin layering” involves extracting silica molecules from quartz sand, adding them to water or ethanol, and then… well, they won’t tell us what they do next, but the end result is a 100 nanometer-thick, clear, flexible, breathable coating that can be applied to almost any surface. We’re told that there are no added nano-particles, resins or additives – the coating is formed using quantum forces.

The possible uses are endless.

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