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The EGO semi-submarine boat

Most of the vehicles designed for intimate trips beneath the ocean waves, such as Uboatworx’s line of personal submarines, are pretty complicated affairs, meaning you’ll have to put in some study time to get a grip on the controls or rely on the services of a trained captain to get you around – which can kind of defeat the whole intimate aspect of the trip.

In an effort to give anyone the opportunity to swim with the fishes without getting their feet wet, Korean-based company Raonhaje has developed an electric-powered craft that is a little bit submarine and a little bit regular boat.

Not unlike the Adventure-Doo, the EGO is essentially a boat that has been flipped upside down. Instead of a cabin above the waterline, the EGO features a two-person cabin located between two floating hulls that sits below the waterline and is entered via a trapdoor and ladder on the EGO’s topside. Because the craft can’t actually dive, Raonhaje have been able to design the EGO so it is simple enough for just about anyone to operate. Instead of a throttle lever, the EGO’s speed is controlled via a foot pedal, while forward or backward motion is set by the flick of a switch.

Raonhaje stresses that the EGO is not a glass bottom boat, but rather a “semi-submarine boat” that allows its passengers to enjoy undersea exploration along with the leisure activities of a boat, such as fishing or sunbathing. Because the EGO isn’t airtight there’s no need to keep one eye on the oxygen supply as you cruise around, but you will need to keep an eye on the battery gauge to ensure you don’t end up running out of juice.

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