Feb 042011

First Tower Made of Living Trees

For the past several years, members of the Research Group Baubotanik at the Institute of Theory of Modern Architecture and Design (University of Stuttgart) have been focusing on the idea of living plant constructions. Recently the first “baubotanical” tower made of living trees has been completed. The prototypical building is located in the very south of Germany and offers the opportunity to carry out practical tests.

The group led by Prof. Gerd de Bruyn, the director of the institute, expects that the realisation will lead to scientific progress.

Nearly 9 meters high with a base area of approximately 8 square meters, the tower demonstrates the architectural and ecological potentials of living plant constructions: Trees with their metabolism contribute considerably to a healthy microclimate in cities and they enrich daily life with their appearance – but normally it takes decades until a tree is fully developed.

The aim of baubotanical research is to design and to build living plant constructions as architectural bearing structures in the dimension of fully grown trees. Thereby it is possible to create in short time green spaces that combine the aesthetic and ecologic qualities of trees with architectural usage and functionality.

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