Jan 052011

PrimeSense and ASUS plan to bring controller-free interaction to the PC in Q2 2011

PrimeSense, the company behind Kinect‘s 3D sensor, is teaming up with Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS to bring us what might be the next big motion-control entertainment system for consumers.

The WAVI Xtion (pronounced “WAVI action”) utilizes a pair WAVI boxes to stream media from PC to TV and an Xtion sensor near your TV set to to bring gesture control into the mix.

We previously reported on PrimeSense back in 2009, and the possibilities the company’s technology might hold for the future of home entertainment. It seems that future is now upon us, as the WAVI Xtion system will deliver gesture-contolgames and applications to your living room TV as soon as Q2 2011.

From what we understand so far, this system will be not just for gaming but for other forms of entertainment as well. The WAVI boxes will allow you to stream media wirelessly across your room in full HD 1080p. You can also use a wireless keyboard and mouse in the living room to control your PC in another room, thanks to wireless USB controls. As fun as Minority Report interaction sounds, I’m happy to hear that I don’t need to rely solely on hand waving to check up on my Facebook page!

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