Dec 082010

Rendering of the New York Hornblower Hybrid (Image: Statue Cruises)

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more commonplace on our roads and now the world’s first hydrogen powered hybrid ferry is set to take to the water off New York.

Following on from the 2008 launch of the San Francisco Hornblower Hybrid that runs on a combination of solar, wind and diesel power, the new 1,400-hp New York Hornblower Hybrid adds another energy source to the mix with hydrogen fuel cells to complement its clean Tier 2 diesel engines, solar panels and wind turbines.

Due to be completed in April 2011, the New York Hornblower Hybrid will generate power from a proton exchange membrane fuel cell that turns hydrogen into electricity. The solar panels and wind turbines will help power the vessel, while the diesel engines will kick in to cover additional energy needs.

When completed, the 600-passenger New York Hornblower Hybrid will feature an outdoor sundeck and two interior decks, including one with glass walls. Its eco-friendly construction materials include recycled glass countertops, LEED-certified carpet and aluminum wall coverings. Additionally, LED video screens and lighting will help minimize energy use, while long-life, low VOC (volatile organic content) paints will cover the vessel’s exterior.

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