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A relatively recent shift from manual labor to office-type work has resulted in a large chunk of today’s workforce spending eight hours or more sitting at a desk or workstation.

The general health and fitness of a significant proportion of such a workforce is bound to suffer as a result. Anyone wanting to fight against this decline can of course opt for gym membership, but Adam Ben-David thinks he has a better solution. The GymyGym ergonomic exercise chair places a full body workout at your disposal without ever having to leave your desk.

Ben-David believes that a deskbound public is overworked, overstressed and overweight, and says that he wants to “support the American worker in transforming their lives by increasing their physical and mental health, self-image, fitness and creativity,” adding that “GymyGym delivers a customizable, full-spectrum fitness solution within a powerful seating system.”

The benefits of a healthy exercise regime are well-documented, yet even a short 30 minute burst of physical activity per day is beyond the reach of some people. That’s where the GymyGym comes in. It’s claimed to be the world’s first ergonomic exercise chair, and is said to offer a full-body strengthening and conditioning fitness system.

The user sits back on a stripped bungee seating system that’s said to mold itself to the shape and size of the individual for a comfortably ergonomic fit. Various handles and straps are located below the odd-looking chair, which allow the user to undertake 16 core exercises aimed at strengthening all of the major muscle groups.

The hand grips are attached to the body of the chair by magnets for safe storage when not in use. They, and the leg straps, are secured to a system of natural silicone resistance bands threaded through the underneath of – and up behind – the seat, to four exercise stations. Pulling against the resistance allows the seated (or even standing) worker to work on arms, legs, chest, back and shoulders and so on.

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