Dec 282010 is a fascinating blog that covers the current wars being fought around copyright, intellectual property, patents and other areas that may impede or help the free flow of information and ideas.

Innovation Toronto has been following Mike Masnick and his blog for some time and we feel that a number of the issues being covered are things most of us should know about or would like to know about.

We are thinking that a links list from time to time might help to introduce some of the ideas and topics that Techdirt covers so thoughtfully.

You are encouraged to check out some of these articles – it is the stuff of both dreams and nightmares . . . and even some whimsey 🙂

Indian Film Industry Threatening To Strike Over Proposed Copyright Reform That Would Make Them Pay Composers For Music

Permission Culture And The Automated Diminishment Of Fair Use

Study Suggests Placebos Don’t Have To Be Secret To Work

Wikileaks, Intermediary Chokepoints And The Dissent Tax

Financial Industry Favors Security Through Obscurity; Demands Cambridge Censor Paper Detailing Weaknesses

Canadian Music Collection Society Demanding Payment For 30 Second Song Previews

NY Times Finally Speaks Out Against Financial Firms Blocking Wikileaks


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