Dec 022010
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Most of the world’s important commercial fish species have been declining for years.

Nearly one-fourth are unable, essentially, to reproduce.. American fisheries are in better shape than most but not by much.

The White House seems prepared to give this issue high priority. George W. Bush, though more sensitive to marine issues than other environmental problems, was slow to offer remedies, the most important being the establishment of three large protected marine reserves in the Pacific. President Obama has engaged the matter early in the game.

He recently ordered a new task force to develop a national oceans policy. He said he wants a more unified federal approach to ocean issues, now spread across 20 different agencies operating under 140 separate laws. He also wants a plan for allocating resources among competing interests like fishing and oil exploration.

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  1. This editorial makes a critical point, primarily that there is hope for the oceans by fixing the rules that govern fishing. Yes, The threats are numerous and ominous, and overfishing is and has been the top threat to the oceans, but catch shares stop overfishing, rebuild fish stocks and increase revenue for fishermen who are today being pushed out of the business.

    Read more about catch shares on EDF's oceans blog –

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