Dec 292010
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Camera pills and ultrasound creating maps of the body: health has become high technology. Here are some of the recent advances in medical technology.

3-D Images For Surgeons

Smart capsule

Health checks at home

Ongoing control of bodily fluids

Lab on a Chip

Biosensors, technology and ultrasound are thus capable of providing better diagnoses, treatments and utilisation of resources – not to mention improved working conditions. For this reason, many people believe that in the future, biosensor technology could be of even greater medical significance than antibiotics have been until today.

When persons whose health is seriously at risk can be monitored – whether continuously or at intervals – via biomedical sensors, the health services can be organised in quite a different way, and will be able to utilise their resources better. All the same, sensors will probably continue to play a supporting role in healthcare, and are unlikely to take over the role of doctors in any way.

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