Dec 292010

Energy Literacy Platform

Using the web to track power consumption at home is something several companies are working on at the moment (including Google).

Tokyo-based startup Sassor is developing a solution that offers two big selling points: their so-called Energy Literacy Platform (ELP) [English link] lets you track each household appliance individually and makes it possible to turn these devices off remotely, for example by pushing a button on your smartphone.

The Energy Literacy Platform is based on the idea that by empowering consumers with a tool that informs them how much energy their appliances really use, they will start saving energy. The platform consists of three parts:

  • ELP modules you place between your various power outlets and home appliances.
  • The ELP receiver that harvests power consumption data to the server.
  • A website or smartphone app that lets you track how much energy each appliance uses and even allows you to turn devices off remotely if needed.

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