Dec 072010

The TESLA Roadster Sport BRABUS Green Package

Most industries have a legacy mind-set but few are as heavily blinkered as the performance car industry.

Recognizing that gas-guzzling sports cars will be seen as archaic as the fossil-fuels they burn a few decades from now, German ultra-performance remanufacturer Brabus has been quick to establish its green credentials. It was the first to offer customization of the Tesla Roadster and now the company’s ultra-exclusive TESLA Roadster Sport BRABUS Green Package includes a quick charge station for the customer’s garage, 30,000 kilometers (18,641 miles) worth of eco-electricity with which to run it and a one-year unlimited-use pass at all public RWE charging stations. Sadly, it’s only in Germany, but we can see this being the start of electric cars being marketed quite differently.

In customizing the TESLA Roadster, Brabus decided to go beyond just refining the vehicle, recognizing that the decision to buy a premium electric sports car would be even easier if customers had their own high-speed charging stations at home and the electricity used in the vehicle could be certified as environmentally friendly Eco Electricity.

Hence an installed RWE-BRABUS quick charging station is included in the TESLA Roadster Sport BRABUS Green Package. The charger is three times faster than charging the two-seater at a normal household power outlet – in less than six hours the open-top eco sports car can be fully charged for its operating range of 350 km (220 miles).

Eco-friendly power is available away from home as well. The Green Package also includes a one-year pass for free use of all public RWE charging stations.

The TESLA Roadster Sport BRABUS Green Package also comes with exclusive equipment. It includes an even more spectacular appearance. To give the mid-engine sports car an even more striking face the BRABUS designers refine the front fascia with an especially light carbon-fiber front lip and LED daytime running lights integrated into the front grille.

The sides of the TESLA are refined with futuristic BRABUS underfloor ‘Space Lights.’ They are activated with the keyless fob or by opening a door.

In the rear the BRABUS rear wing and the BRABUS rear diffuser draw the eye’s attention. Both are made from lightweight yet high-strength carbon fibers. The round taillights are emphasized with color-coordinated applications.

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