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We’ve written before about 360-degree video (here demonstrated with an awesome interactive video that puts you in a base-jumper’s shoes) – it’s effectively like watching a video in Google Street View mode, where you can look any direction you like using the mouse

Now, Dutch 360-degree video company yellowBird has announced a hookup with YouTube that lets users post 360-degree videos in their YouTube channels. And the first major production is a 360-degree music video clip that challenges the role of the film director and stretches the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

In filmmaking, it’s more or less the job of the director to use his camera to frame the action so your attention is pointed in the right place at all times to support the story that’s being told. But with video cameras slowly creeping into most cellphones, it seems more and more people just want to use video to capture the vibe of a place they’re in to share with others that aren’t there.

360-degree video is a highly immersive tool that achieves this goal exceptionally well. The viewer is free to let their attention wander around the environment and soak up the atmosphere, choosing either to watch what’s going on, or swivel around to see how other people in the area are reacting to it.

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