Nov 192010

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The more environmentally conscious among us still driving gasoline-powered cars often feel a pang of guilt as we turn on the air-conditioning on a hot day, knowing that we’ve just significantly reduced the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and sent more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

While solar-powered AC systems – even portable ones – are nothing new, there’s been a problem getting their size down to a point that would allow them to cool a vehicle.

While cars may have to wait a bit longer, truck drivers look like being spoiled for choice with another solar-powered AC system joining the i-Cool Solar system we looked at earlier this month.

If there’s one place that AC is a necessity for a vehicle, it is the humid climes of Hong Kong. So it’s not surprising to see the development of a solar-powered AC system for vehicles come out of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) through a collaboration with industry partners, Green Power Industrial Ltd. andSwire Coca-Cola Hong Kong.

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  1. Very nice, like the fact we are moving toward a sustainable future, hopefully mother earth will not shake us off her back…

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