Nov 042010

FlexUPD paper-thin, flexible AMOLED display technology has been announced

FlexUPD AMOLED display takes the gold WSJ Technology Innovation Award

The paper-thin, flexible AMOLED display developed by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has taken gold in the Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Award. Catering for two-sided surface visibility, FlexUPD could see its way into rollable mobile phones or e-Readers, or incorporated into clothing to provide information about the wearer – for medical purposes, for instance.

ITRI says that the “key breakthrough in FlexUPD is its simultaneous adhesive and non-adhesive bonding” where a release layer sticks to the production glass substrate during the whole of the fabrication process but is not stuck to the polyimide film that’s stacked on top. This is said to allow the active matrix backplane to be flexible.

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