Nov 102010

Proloquo2Go is an iPhone/iPad app that helps autistic children to communicate with others

iPad and iPod Touch application developers have recently created several programs which help aid the learning and development for children with autism.

The success and usability of many of these programs has not only offered a new platform to help autistic children with their education, but can also offer much-needed relief to their parents. Autistic children are said to be adapting to these iPad programs like ducks to water, whilst the supervising parents can finally get some quiet time for a cup of coffee or to simply read the newspaper in peace.

Autism remains to be an elusive brain disorder, with scientists still not being able to understand why a child could be born with the disorder or how it may affect their brain functions. Generally autism is characterized by three types of behavioral disorders, including difficult and anti-social communication, social inadequacy and obsessive compulsive tendencies.

In 2009, the Center for Disease Control in the USA concluded that one in every 100 child born was included in the spectrum of autistic behavior. Whilst the spectrum for autism is relatively broad, where some children may live a relatively normal life but display mild anti-social behavior, other severe cases can be very disruptive for a parent or full-time care-giver.

The new programs offered on the iPad and iTouch platforms, including Proloquo2Go, have been able to help autistic children communicate more clearly with their parents, learn important language skills and provide an activity to focus their attention on. The iPad and autistic programs also offer a portable and a cost effective solution to parents who cannot afford full-time care or other expensive learning programs

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  1. My son has autism. He is not able to express his mind, we can not communicate each other.?He has some vocaburary but they are not enogh to communicate. I wish we could communicate. He livs at an institution, but I do not want to keep there all his life.

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