Nov 042010

All of the TeliaSonera/Ncell 3G base stations in the Mount Everest region run on solar or solar hybrid power

Cream brought the country blues classic Sittin’ on top of the world to an international audience in the late 1960s… and now you can watch it on YouTube while you’re sitting there.

Through its subsidiary Ncell, the Swedish telecommunications group TeliaSonera has launched 3G services in the Mount Everest area of Nepal – which makes the company the providers of the world’s highest mobile data service.

The new 3G base station is located at an altitude of 5,200 meters (around 17,000 feet) and “will bring faster, more affordable telecommunication services to the people living in the Khumbu Valley, trekkers, and climbers alike,” according to Lars Nyberg, President and CEO of TeliaSonera. The company has confirmed that those at the summit will be able to update their Facebook profile with a photo from the top of the world (although in such a deadly environment, you could be forgiven for having your mind on other things).

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