Oct 282010

Photo: University of Calgary

Stories about Kryptonite are sure to pique interest, and this one has both a “super” and a scientific angle.

Canadian researchers are using a super glue called Kryptonite to create a stronger closure of the breastbone for heart patients after open chest surgery. This means faster recovery time, fewer complications and less post-operative pain.

The Kryptonite adhesive bonds quickly and effectively to the breastbone, allowing it to become solid in just hours, shortening the current recovery time of eight weeks by 50 per cent. It provides five to ten times the mechanical strength of the breastbone closure of the standard steel wires, yet takes only about five minutes to complete.

Enhanced bone stability results in fewer complications such as wound infections and bone separation. There have been no associated side effects or complications with Kryptonite after one year of follow-up.

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