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Apps for mobile devices are transforming the way we use the Internet, but some people will tell you that one big obstacle is still keeping them from reaching their full potential – the fact that specific apps can only be used on specific devices. Imagine how limiting it would be if only certain computers could use Google or eBay, and you begin to see their point. Not only does this situation limit the app selection available to consumers, but it also lessens the incentive for developers to create new apps. Webinos, however, is looking to change that. The European research consortium includes over 20 member organizations from the mobile web, consumer electronics, and automotive industries, all committed to developing an open source platform that will allow the creation of applications that can be used on multiple devices.

“The vision of the project is to create ‘a universal application platform,’” said Dr. Stephan Steglich, of consortium lead group Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS. “That means, we aim to enable the use of web applications consistently and securely across all Internet-enabled screens – including mobile, PC, TV and in-car entertainment units.”

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