Sep 252010


What do a fish farmer, a transport company owner and an oil-well foreman all have in common? Two things. For one, they all constantly need to know about certain data, be it water quality, truck locations or pump pressure. For two, they all will love the new Insite Programmable Global Alert and Monitoring System. The system can be set up to monitor pretty much anything, then send text updates and alerts to the users’ cell phone.

The applications are endless. Insite can be used to monitor liquid levels, pressures, voltages, temperatures, weights, switch states – anything that can be measured. It can be used in agriculture, the energy sector, manufacturing, data storage, food storage, construction, you name it. On a more personal level, it can also be used for home or office protection, alerting the user when their security system is tripped, the power goes out, or the temperature changes. It can even track the location of vehicles, yachts, planes or even skateboards, presumably. Using Google Maps, it can then display all of the users’ assets, along with data on their current status. It’s pretty cool.

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