Aug 202010


We’ve looked before at Innespace’s gentler, dolphin-shaped submersibles, but while the original Seabreacher J looks like great fun, this new X version really tickles my petrolhead glands.

The key differences are a bigger engine, putting out 260 supercharged horsepower against the J model’s perfectly adequate 155 – and a new body shape that replaces the J’s friendly dolphin look with a fatter, wider, nastier shark look. The viewing panels below your feet are joined together to give the shark an open mouth. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to help myself; I’d get some teeth put on and go scare a few swimmers’ digestive systems empty.

The new motor boosts the Seabreacher X up to a top speed of 50mph (80km/h) on the water, and 25mph (40km/h) underwater – the chief purpose of diving under the water is to gather momentum and head for the surface at full throttle so you can launch yourself up into a giant boat wheelie and jump the thing right out of the water.

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