Aug 202010

Finepix REAL 3D W3

It’s been just over a year since Fujifilm went three dimensional with the release of its FinePix Real 3D camera, the W1.

Now the company has announced its second 3D compact camera, the Finepix REAL 3D W3. Although it inherits some of the feature set from its predecessor, the W3 gets a larger LCD display and now records video in high definition, albeit at 720p. Fujifilm has also thrown in stereo sound recording for good measure.

3D has come a long way since Fujifilm brought its W1 compact camera to the market. Consumers are now being offered a multitude of different ways to enjoy the three dimensional experience, with and without those geeky glasses. We also now expect our visual enjoyment to be in glorious high definition, something which was sadly lacking in the W1. Happily, Fujifilm has now put that right with the unveiling of the Finepix REAL 3D W3.

Not only does the 4.9 x 2.6 x 1.1/0.8 inch (124 x 65.9 x 27.8/21 mm) W3 now record video at up to 720p high definition at 24 frames per second, but it also includes a handy HDMI-out port for onward transmission to a 3D HD television, and audio is now captured by stereo microphones “to preserve its original impact.” All of the high def action can be now viewed on a bigger 3.5 inch LCD display offering a resolution of over a million dots. The autostereoscopic 3D widescreen display allows viewing of 3D stills and movies using rows of convex lenses to create binocular parallax 3D images with reduced cross-talk and flicker – so no glasses needed.

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