Jul 302010

Panasonic 3D Camcorder

The case for 3D just got stronger with Panasonic announcing the release of the world’s first 3D consumer camera for the AVCHD standard.

Panasonic has positioned itself at the forefront of 3D camcorder technology and this latest news is significant because previously available professional 3D models are far more expensive, and as a result have not made it into the hands of the general public. The company’s new HDC-SDT750 camcorder is likely to be the first of many 3D cameras to reach home movie makers.

Using a conversion lens that comes with the camcorder, 3D images can be recorded, ready for playback on your 3D display. It should be noted that the movies can be viewed on screens from competing companies such as Sony or Samsung as well, so you’re not locked in to the Panasonic brand.

And while some other companies like Fujifilm and Aiptek are experimenting with 3D that does not require glasses, this camera will need 3D glasses for viewing.

The most striking thing about Panasonic’s new camcorder is the size. It’s absolutely tiny. Remove the 3D conversion lens and it’s even more so. It certainly looks like a comfortable camera to operate, whether you’re in 3D or regular mode.

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