Jul 162010

Matrix Key System

Most of us at one time or another has lost our keys and know the stress that it causes. Compounding things is the cost that comes with calling out a locksmith to replace all the locks on the windows and doors of your house. But what if you could change your locks simply by inserting another key? That’s just what the Matrix Key System designed by Australian locksmith, Stuart Webb, does. Inserting a new key into the lock effectively changes the lock, rendering the old key useless and saving the hassle and expense of calling a locksmith.

Standard pin-tumbler locks are the most common form of locks in the world. They use pins of various lengths sitting in narrow chambers. When the correct key is inserted the pins are aligned to allow the barrel to turn and the lock to be opened. With standard locks the pins within pin-tumbler locks are of a set length. Meaning that one key will always open the lock and changing this will require replacing the cylinder in the lock – which is what a locksmith does when they change your locks.

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