Jul 122010

3D Lens-in-a-Cap

The Lens-in-a-Cap stereo lens system from Loreo mounts to the front of a digital SLR body to allow users to take side-by-side 3D photographic images.

Mounts are available for a host of popular digital SLR cameras and the system will automatically adjust image pitch to suit subject distance. Subsequent images can then be printed out or viewed on a computer screen via a cheap cardboard parallel format viewer.

Anyone remember those flimsy plastic photo holders that you put up to your face and could miraculously see a stereoscopic image in front of you? The 3D image is actually a couple of similar views of the same object taken at a slight distance from each other on a horizontal plane which tricks the viewer into thinking that it’s just one three-dimensional image. With the Lorea 3D Lens-in-a-Cap 9005, that system has just gone digital.

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