May 292010

RFID Virus

A researcher from the UK’s University of Reading has warned of possible future infection issues for recipients of medical implants.

The cause for concern is not biological, though. Dr. Mark Gasson’s disquiet relates to the fact that as implants become more sophisticated, the computerized systems running them could become prone to virus attack. And to prove his point, the good doctor purposely infected a chip implanted in his hand with a virus, which subsequently spread to an external communication system.

Last year, Dr Gasson of the University of Reading‘s School of Systems Engineering had a sophisticated Radio Frequency Identification chip inserted into his left hand “as part of research into human enhancement and the potential risks of implantable devices.” He has been since using it to grant him access to University buildings and activate his mobile phone. It’s also been used to track and log his movements.

Security threat or scare story?

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