May 182010

Snake Scope

Perhaps you’re wondering if that earring you dropped really did go down the furnace vent.

Or maybe you want to check if there’s a mouse’s nest beyond that suspicious-looking hole in your baseboards. Or hey, maybe you just think it would be neat to see what it looks like inside that mountain tunnel on your model railroad. Whatever the case, a nifty new product called the Flexible Snake Scope USB Camera will allow you to peek into areas way too small to accommodate your giant head.

The Snake Scope is really just a consumer borescope, which are commonly used in the fields of medicine, security and engineering, to name a few. It comes in two versions, the SSC-100 and the SSV-100. They both have a long flexible neck, with a color 640X480p camera and two adjustable-brightness white LED’s on the end. They can also both shoot stills and VGA 30fps video, which are output directly to your PC or Mac.

One of their other neat features is an attachable magnet, so if you’re searching for a metal object and spy it, you can also grab it.

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