Apr 222010

Activeion Ionator

We know it’s bad news for the environment (and our health) to use cleaning products that contain nasty chemicals, but until now, there have not been a lot of viable alternatives. Enter the Activeion ionator – it’s a cleaning product that transforms humble tap water into a super-powered, germ-destroying, dirt-removing dynamo – with absolutely no chemicals. That’s good news for your family, your pets and the environment.

How does a unit use plain tap water and create a powerful cleaning agent? It converts tap water into ionized water. Ionized water is a powerful cleaning product that has been used for a long time in four-star restaurants, food processing plants, and large hotels. The ionater products have simply been scaled down for domestic and semi-industrial use. They use a water cell to apply a slight electrical charge to tap water. The charged water then passes through an ion exchange membrane which creates an oxygen-rich mix of positive and negative nano-bubbles. That ionized water is capable of attracting dirt and bacteria and when sprayed carries a low-level electric field to the surface where the germs may be living. The manufacturer says this low-level electric field ruptures and kills germs which can then be easily wiped away – without leaving any chemical residue.

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