Mar 252010

If you are tired of having to sort through millions of “results” when you are not “exactly” certain of what you are looking for, you might want to try out an alternative search engine: Sortfix.

This is the way the company describes their product:

SortFix is a new and enterprising company in the Search Engine business. Our aim with Sortfix is to help users get more accurate answers, faster, and make the search process a more efficient and enjoyable one. Recently SortFix has improved the interface, which is now much friendlier and visually appealing, as well as enhanced the algorithm making it faster and more powerful. We have also expanded the search results not only to those retrieved by Google Search, but also to Twitter Search, Bing, Youtube, Bing images and are currently working on doing the same for other search engines. On top of this, even though SortFix is partly based on flash technology, we are developing a non-flash application to make it possible to use SortFix also from Mac devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

IT Team

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  1. A nice alternative search engine

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