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Honda Simulator

In terms of teaching secondary students relevant and very useful life skills,

there could be no better investment at every secondary school than Honda’s all-new automobile driving simulator. Honda has been developing bicycle, motorcycle and car driving simulators solely for the purpose of traffic safety education for almost a decade, and the this model is completely new from the ground up, designed specifically to enhance the ability of driver trainees to recognize, understand and appropriately react to potential risks. In a world where becoming part of the road toll is a daily risk we all share, one wonders at just how many lives a US$66,000 machine like this might save?

This new simulator has an added new function that provides easy-to-understand graphics and/or written descriptions of conditions where the driver should be cautious. Learner drivers are also given advice on how to safer driving in potentially dangerous situations they may encounter out on the road.

Honda says this new function helps the trainer provide students with more detailed and precise instructions. Moreover, the newly adopted high-definition LCD (liquid crystal display) enables trainees to experience a sense of driving that is closer to real-world conditions.

Since it was first introduced in 2001, Honda has sold approximately 200 units of the automobile driving simulator in Japan and around the world, along with its motorcycle and bicycle simulators.

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