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Citroen says it has completely reinterpreted the idea of a small car by producing the Survolt concept

– an electric vehicle that fits the size parameters of a small car but not the two-box look of a hatchback. Speaking at the Geneva International Motor Show this week, the company says its supermini is unconventional, aggressive, exciting and vibrant and is what the small car sector has been looking for.

According to Citroen, the Survolt meets the size, environmental and safety requirements of cars in its class but isn’t a boring rehash of existing vehicles.

The Survolt is the continuation of Citroen’s exploration of distinctive and original electric vehicles, starting with the Citroen Revolte concept car revealed at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Survolt is a blend of high-fashion glamor and extravagance with motor-racing punch.

Citroen says it has deliberately broken with convention, shaken up the rules and shifted the borders in its continuous and passionate quest to develop innovative objects ahead of their time. Survolt, it says, is one of these. It takes the genetic material of Revolte and adds an extroverted sports dimension to the mix.

The compact Survolt – 3.85m long, 1.87m wide and 1.20m high – has a look and personality of its own embedded in this concept.

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