Feb 182010

The Gesture Cube concept

is the first example to demonstrate the possibilities offered by a new touch-free sensing technology developed by Ident Technology AG. The design proposes using the company’s GestIC 3D spatial hand movement tracking innovation to allow users to browse photos, play music, read messages, check the weather and so on – all with the wave of a hand or the flick of a wrist.

When faced with the challenge of effectively demonstrating a new gesture-based technology, Lunar Europe opted to create a concept device for use in the home. The Gesture Cube all-in-one entertainment hub would see users access and play music files, browse images, check the local weather or interact with others via instant messaging – all by using intuitive hand movements off-device.

Touchscreens without the touch

Touchscreens (as seen on Microsoft’s Surface, mobile phones like the iPhone and portable computers like eviGroup’s Pad) are everywhere and spatial, gesture-based device control, as used by Nintendo’s Wii, is now commonplace. The Gesture Cube proposes taking these innovations to the next level, ditching cumbersome controllers altogether and leaving actual physical screen contact behind.

The cube design would cater for the user interface (designed by Zinosign) to be viewed and accessed on all sides and the GestIC 3D spatial hand movement tracking from Ident Technology AG would detect and track intuitive gesturing such as pinching for zoom, pushing upwards for deletion or dismissal and pushing down for activation or choice confirmation and then translate them into function commands.

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