Jan 132010

No matter how much you spend, there just doesn’t seem to be any clear way to future-proof your home theatre system. You can have the biggest HD screen on the block, but suddenly, if it can’t do 3D, it’s all but obsolete. With the rush of 3D content that’s under development in the gaming, TV and cinema worlds, 3D is set to become the new HD within the next couple of years – and with that in mind, Optoma has pulled the covers off its HD66 digital projector at CES – a US$699 home theatre projector capable of showing 720p content in 3D with a max image size around 300″.

No matter what you think of this generation’s constant need for entertainment, you can’t help but be impressed by how quickly technology responds to every shift in the market. 3D was dead as a doornail 30 years ago, written off as cheesy rubbish, but it has come back with a vengeance in the last 12 months, and shows every sign of becoming virtually ubiquitous, with moviemakersgame companiesTV stations,camcorder manufacturers and even porno producers rushing to add an extra dimension to every conceivable content stream.

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