Jan 062010
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Plans to boost food production in Britain and reduce its impact on the environment have been unveiled.

The government’s 20-year food strategy includes making land available for people to grow their own food and more healthy cooking courses.

Minister Hilary Benn said shoppers had led the push for free-range eggs and could do the same for sustainable food.

The Tories said ministers “belatedly” recognised the need for food security after a decade of declining production.

Environment Secretary Mr Benn unveiled the government’s Food 2030 plan at the Oxford Farming Conference and said a rising population and climate change meant food could not be taken for granted.

Smaller portions

The document includes proposals for a “healthy food code of conduct” to help people choose what food to buy – ideas include clearer labelling, smaller portions for “energy dense” or high salt foods, reducing fat and sugar in foods and nutrition information on restaurant menus.

The government also wants less food waste, more food bought in season to reduce environmental impact and to encourage people to buy sustainably-farmed food.

It says it will pilot healthy cooking classes for “at risk” families as part of efforts to tackle obesity and will help local landowners and community groups work together to make land available temporarily, to grow food.

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