Jan 272010

Last December, the world was introduced to the Synaptics Fuse, a new concept in mobile communications. The prototype smartphone is the result of a collaboration between Synaptics, Texas Instruments, Immersion, TheAlloy and The Astonishing Tribe (TAT). What makes this phone so special is its user/phone interface. It takes Synaptics’ pioneering touchscreen technology to a whole new level, allowing people to use the phone one-handed, and without having to even see the screen.

Conventional phones limit their touch-reception to capacitive sensing, meaning they simply detect when a finger makes contact with their screen. The Fuse incorporates capacitive and force sensors, and has them not only on its screen, but also along its sides and even on its back. The side sensors read your grip pressure, allowing for things like one-handed panning and scrolling, while the back sensors allow for unobstructed screen navigation. Two-finger input is possible, which could open the door for all sorts of new functions.

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