Jan 072010

In conjunction with Fulton Innovation, Texas Instruments (TI) will showcase a new contactless charging evaluation kit at this year’s CES. The bqTESLA kit will enable designers to develop contactless charging capability for products such as phones, MP3 players and GPS units. In the future, this technology could be used to develop compatible wireless portable devices and conveniently-located charging stations – offering consumers compatible, convenient, wireless connectivity – just one charger for all your devices and no power cords!

The bqTESLA kit incorporates inductive coupling technology developed by Fulton Innovation called eCoupled. The intelligent wireless power is created by a close-range technique that uses circuit boards and coils to communicate and transmit energy with the use of magnetic fields. Fulton has also developed ultra-low standby power technology aimed to improve overall efficiency and reduce power loss created by leaving portable devices in stand-by mode.

The kit will offer true “plug-and-play” design functionality without requiring additional software. It contains a single-channel transmitter, a direct-charge receiver and associated magnetics transmitter, a direct-charge receiver and associated magnetics. The kit is also compatible with the Qi standard being developed by the Wireless Power Consortium.

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